Żel ochronny Końcówka do wygodnej aplikacji żelu

Gel-Cord - tissue management gel

  • Unique 25% aluminum sulfate gel.
  • Stays where you place it - will not run or dilute like liquid astringents.
  • No unsightly blackening of tissue.
  • Great for class V restorations or if tissue is cut during composite procedures. Apply Gel-Cord on tip of brush and apply direct pressure on hemorrhaging area.
  • Pleasant raspberry flavor for greater patient acceptance.
  • Blue in color for ease of visibility and placement.
  • Makes initial cord packing easier; provides lubrication when you are packing cord allowing the cord to "glide" into the sulcus.
  • Can be used with any type of plain or medicated cord and is compatible with all impression materials.

1. prepare site

2. apply gel, pack retraction cord
3. take impresion
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